Iron Triangle Brewery

Iron Triangle Brewing Company is a Los Angeles, Arts District Brewery & Taproom serving house made craft IPAs, ales, and lagers in a beautiful vintage building.

ABV: 6.7%  OG: 15.8 IBU: 75 SRM: 9

Iron Triangle’s India Pale Ale achieves a balance between the classic and the aggressive of West Coast style versions of IPA.  Two row and traditional Maris Otter malts complimented by a unique blend of specialty malts creates a complex yet open stage where the Pacific Northwest hops can shine.  Centennial, Chinook, Cascade, Columbus, and Summit varieties are added throughout the brewing and conditioning process to create a well-rounded hop experience packed with layers of bitterness, intense pine & subtle citrus aromas, along with a clean dry finish that will satisfy even the most ardent of hop heads.

Enjoy instead of

India Pale Ale, British IPA, Pale Ale

Serving Notes

Iron Triangle IPA .  When served on draught, the beer will be presented with a golden glow and a white foam.  Begin by pouring gently down the side of the glass and allow foam to build.  After a brief rest, top off the pour such that the foam rises slightly above the rim of the glass.  Recommended serving glassware is a nonic pint or tulip glass. 

Food Pairing

Iron Triangle IPA’s assertive bitterness makes it particularly palate refreshing and a welcome “chaser” for creamy and high fat cheeses such as triple creams. Its bold flavors can also stand up to other moderately strong cheeses such as spiced cheeses, English-style cheddars and young goat cheeses. Iron Triangle IPA also pairs beautifully with spicy and complex food flavors. Try it alongside your favorite Mexican or Indian dishes to accentuate the chilies, citrus, cumin and cilantro flavors and then quickly cleanses your palate of the fire leaving you ready for your next bite or sip.

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