Iron Triangle Brewery

Iron Triangle Brewing Company is a Los Angeles, Arts District Brewery & Taproom serving house made craft IPAs, ales, and lagers in a beautiful vintage building.

Nathan Cole
President / Founder

Growing up in Los Angeles Nathan didn’t have much if any exposure to craft beer until 2009. It was after a business meeting at El Prado Bar that he tasted his first IPA. Like many craft beer lovers this first IPA was life changing. After that beer he was painfully aware of the craft beer desert that was Los Angeles in 2009.

After spending years as a Brand Consultant for restaurants Nathan decided to change careers and dive headlong into the craft beer business. LA was in dire need of quality beer and he was set on making sure the cities thirst was quenched.  In 2010 he started working on what would eventually become Iron Triangle Brewery. In 2013 he quit his full time job in order to focus all of his attention on the Brewery. In 2015 after almost four years of working by himself he hired his first full time staff to help him realize his vision of a brewery that exemplifies the Los Angeles, the Arts District, and his historic building. 

Nathan now oversees all construction and brewery expansion as well as all design and brand decisions. Additionally, he will act as Lead sales representative for corporate accounts.

Ryan Bell
Taproom Manager

Ryan first fell in love with beer over 15 years ago while vacationing in northern France, near the border with Belgium, when he discovered that for centuries, monks have brewed the best beer in the world. As a pastor himself, this was all the invitation he needed. He has since left religious life and given his heart fully to beer! Ryan is now the taproom manager, and oversees the hospitality side of the business.


Kale Bittner

Growing up in Green Bay, Wisconsin,  Kale would love to tell you his passion for craft beer started at birth but that would be a lie. His first beer was a Lite American Lager, and would continue to be his beer of choice until college when he had his first craft beer. Completely enamored, he considered living up to his German heritage and opening a craft brewery of his own. After weighing out the pros and cons he decided to pursue a much more stable career in film and video games.

In 2006 he graduated from Florida State University with a B.F.A in Motion Picture Recording Arts, and worked for various entertainment companies including Atari, Activision, ICM, and A Band Apart.  In 2013 he had a new hobby that took over his small LA apartment. Home brewing. In short order he became an active member of the Historic Maltose Falcons Homebrew club and an award winning homebrewer.

In August 2015 he signed on with Iron Triangle Brewery as Vice President and General Manager. Here he is responsible for all financial, human resource, sales, and business strategy decisions.

Josiah Blomquist
Lead Brewer



Eddy Torres
Sales Rep

Born in NJ, raised in Miami, FL. Eddy spent most of his young adult years playing in bands and discovering craft beer on the road. It wasn't until the year 2012, the year the Mayan Calendar predicted the end of the World, that Eddy realized he could actually work in the industry. Logging two years of experience working as a distributor rep for major craft brands like Stone, Dogfish Head, Victory, Oskar Blues, etc. His hard work paid off when Cigar City Brewing called to bring him in as their El Lector for South Florida. He spent the next two years there helping CCB grow to become the #1 craft beer brand in the area. Last year his fiance got her dream job offer and it required moving to the west coast. So they packed their bags and moved across the country. He spent a year working with Modern Times Beer and getting acclimated to the new scene before coming on board with us. Now you'll find him throughout LA spreading the good word of ITB or at a local venue enjoying some live music. If you see him say hello, he will gladly share a beer and great story with you.

Brett Kauble
Self Distribution Sales Rep



Colin New Hair.jpg

Colin Hughes
Sales Rep

Colin Hughes grew up somewhere between the Genesee Brewing Company and Saranac Brewing. He came to Los Angeles with a dream of leaving the North East. Having accomplished that on the very first day he arrived, so he began to look for other things to do; which led him to the wild world of dog treats which turned into beverages which turned into beer. He enjoys drinking IPA's and building furniture but usually not together, as two legged tables have proven to be mostly worthless. When he isn't working you'll likely find Colin at a comedy show or yelling at the weeds that keep growing in his front yard.



Amber Swicki Assistant Brewer / Bartender

Amber Swicki
Assistant Brewer / Bartender